No Bake High-Protein Cheesecake

For most people, going on a diet means sacrificing your favorite sweets (most people but not our coaching clients). It’s hard not to snack and want some sweet treats but when you cave and have some that can lead to feelings of guilt or regret.

I’m a big cheesecake fan, in fact, I think it’s a top 3 dessert food – up there with donuts. However, if you’ve ever logged yourself a slice of cheesecake, you know they’re not always the most macro-friendly food to incorporate in your diet plan.

⁣So the question then becomes:⁣ How can I satisfy my sweet tooth while continuing to make progress towards my fat loss goals?

I got you covered with that!

This cheesecake alternative tastes exactly like cheesecake and has a nice thick consistency to it too! Not to mention the flavor is versatile and can have a near-infinite amount of topping combinations thrown onto it.



Servings: 6

Prep Time: 30-60 Min

Cook Time: 0 Min

Macros: 124 Calories – 20g Protein – 11g Carbs – 0g Fat



  1. In a Tupperware container, mix all ingredients thoroughly until combined completely!
  2. Really make sure everything is combined and mixed well – should be one uniform mixture.
  3. Cover the container and let it sit at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Then refrigerate the container for another 20-60 minutes.
  5. Remove and separate into single serving jars, cups, or containers and enjoy!




  • TO PREP: You can choose to make it a different flavor by using a different protein and yogurt flavor
  • TO SERVE: This is the fun part! You can top your cheesecake with fruits, chocolate chips, coconut flakings, or any other treat you’re feeling that day!
  • TO STORE: This meal is good to be stored for 8-12 days


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