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The StoopidFit 3 Phase
Fat Loss System©

A Battle Tested Coaching System That Is Evidence Based & Backed By Science So You Can Always Look and Feel Your Best

Phase 1: The Priming Phase

The missing piece in most diet plans is the priming phase, in this phase we'll get your body primed for faster fat loss by:

► Speeding up your metabolism
► Regulating your hormones
► Solidifying your routines

Because once your body is ready to lose fat, it'll come off and stay off SO much easier!

Phase 2: Fat Loss Accelerator

This is what you're signing up for! Now that your body is primed for fat loss, it'll be more willing to let go of the fat and we'll do it while:

NOT cutting out your favorite foods
NOT doing hours of cardio every week
NOT worrying if you can stick to it

Because this process is individualized to YOU, sticking to it is practically effortless!

Phase 3: The Freedom Diet

You've probably lost weight before, the hard part is keeping the weight off! We make sure that you're ready by helping you:

► Understand what your new body needs
► Learn to navigate social settings with ease
► Never worry about dieting again!

Because the real goal is to have you be your own coach so you never gain weight again!

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What You Can Expect From Your Coach

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Complete Initial Assessment

In order to create the perfect individualized plan for you, we have to know about you!

We start with a thorough strategy session to map out exactly what your personal goal is and exactly how we will help you get there. Including an in-depth discussion on your health, dietary, metabolic, training, and injury history, as well as your level of physical capabilities. After discussing everything above, we can explain the science while showing you the practical application for your lifestyle.

To put it simply, we hear you out and listen to your concerns so we can build a plan that meets you where you are and progresses you to where you want to be!

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Custom Lifestyle Guidelines

Training and nutrition aren’t separate from the rest of your life – they’re a part of it!

Since everything works together, we can optimize your training, performance, and fat loss by adding in some key lifestyle guidelines. This usually includes things like sleep, stress management, time management, hydration, digestion, and personal development.

To put it simply, we look at other aspects of your life that can help make this entire process – and your life – as smooth as possible!

nutrition coaching

Individualized Nutrition Coaching

Instead of working your life around a meal plan, we create a nutrition prescription that fits into your life!

Our coaches work collaboratively with you to create a nutrition prescription that gives you results while being enjoyable to follow! Instead of giving you a boring meal plan you’re forced to follow every day, we incorporate a flexible dieting approach that fits your schedule, matches your preferences, improves your relationship with food, and optimizes your health all at the same time! 

To put it simply, the StoopidFit 3 Phase Fat Loss System© creates specific and sustainable results for you while being simple to incorporate into your day-to-day!

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Personalized Training Program

Because the body of your dreams needs the right program to make that happen!

When choosing to work with us on training as well, we dive into every detail to make sure that you have the right program for where you are. This includes exercise selection, mobility/injury limitations, schedule, experience, equipment access, and priorities. Every part of the process is specifically outlined for you to eliminate confusion, save time, and maximize results!

To put it simply, we tailor a progressive training program for you whether at home or in the gym so you’re never plateauing!

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Accountability, Support, & Education

Your coach is on your team through this, we don’t judge, we listen, and are there to pick you up every step of the way!

You’ll receive weekly updates via email, personalized video, or voice notes for assessments and adjustments so your program is on point and progressing properly. You’ll have 24/7 access to your coach for questions, support, motivation, exercise critiques, adjustments, and more! You’ll also have daily and weekly accountability tracking forms for consistent support. Our goal is to customize accountability to match your needs.

To put it simply, we’re there for you every step of the way so you never feel “alone” or “helpless” on this journey!

24/7 support with your coach

24/7 Access To Your Coach

Not every day of your life will go according to plan and we’re here for you when that happens! You’ll have unlimited email & text access to your coach for accountability and support.

Have a big work, family, or social event coming up?

Gym closed down for an unknown amount of time?

Pull a muscle in your back?

Traveling soon?

Nothing to worry about – we got you covered! Adjustments will be provided whenever needed for any situation that comes up!

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