5 ways to boost testosterone naturally

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally | 5 Key Factors

Testosterone is the key aspect of the male hormonal profile. It regulates your sexual function, governs recovery, growth, bone density, along with many other physiological processes.

Testosterone will naturally decrease as you age, but having excessively low testosterone can be a problem for younger and older men alike. Low testosterone levels can be felt every moment of the day and it can lead to unpleasant side effects, such as:

  1. Low sex drive
  2. Poor erectile function
  3. Mood swings
  4. Poor recovery
  5. Decrease in muscle tissue
  6. Excess body fat accumulation

Probably not something you want to experience. Whether you’re experiencing these symptoms or want to get ahead of yourself before getting to that point you’ll benefit greatly from these natural ways to boost testosterone.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally – The 5 Key Factors

Your testosterone levels naturally drop as you age, but before you jump into testosterone replacement therapy options, it is best to do a complete overhaul of your habits.

Changing a few key actions throughout your week will help your body get back to producing more testosterone naturally.

Here are the things that have the highest impact on your natural testosterone levels:

#1 Nutrition

Though it may be a hard-to-swallow pill, what you put in your body has a MAJOR effect on the way your bodily systems work.

Including the hormonal (endocrine) system.

It is a fact that food provides the body with essential nutrients, which the body needs but can’t produce on its own. These nutrients will get transformed into different things to help keep your body running on all cylinders.

Lacking key nutrients will prevent your body from producing key components that it needs to function properly.

Besides that, poor nutrition usually leads to the gain of excess weight.

High body fat levels have been shown to actually lower your testosterone levels and increase estrogen. (1)

This is why, if you want normal testosterone levels, you should at least keep a normal body composition.

In terms of nutrients, fat & protein are the two most important components of your nutrition plan, which will nurture testosterone production.

Low intake of dietary fats has been shown to decrease testosterone levels in males. So incorporating healthy fats like those from fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts will go a long way.

Protein is also a key precursor to creating testosterone. So aiming to incorporate a serving of protein from every meal from foods like beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, and fish will help kick testosterone generation.

Carbs also play a key role in improving testosterone production. Though demonized, carbohydrates can also help optimize the testosterone response from resistance training. (2)

In general, a healthy diet that consists of whole food and has balanced quantities of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, should do the job.

It’s not only the macronutrients that play a role but also micronutrients. Micronutrients are all the different vitamins and minerals you’ll see listed on nutrition labels.

An easy way to get a diverse set of micronutrients is by having a different serving of color with every meal from fruits and vegetables. The more colors you eat the more micronutrient variety you’ll consume!

You can also supplement commonly deficient micronutrients like Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fish Oils, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, and Chaga. Supplementation is never a replacement to a balanced diet, though, it’s just a tool to fill in deficiencies.

#2 Weight training

If you’re trying to give the body a reason to ramp up testosterone production, weight training is the perfect tool to do so.

When you do workouts with heavier weights and shorter-lasting sets, you technically break down muscle tissue, in a process called “muscle protein breakdown”.

Paired with good nutrition, this powerful stimulus will unleash a flurry of anabolic (constructive) processes.

And guess what… Testosterone production is a part of those anabolic processes!

The general guidelines are to work out at least 3 times a week if you are a beginner, and focus on compound movements (exercises that engage more than 1 muscle group).

Whether you are a teen, young or adult male, weight training can and will boost your testosterone levels. (3)

#3 Sleep

Though many people consider the body and brain to be at complete rest while sleeping, that is actually not true.

During sleep, we organize all the sensory information we got throughout the day, but we also recover and grow stronger and better.

Having consistent, quality sleep is the easiest way to have you lose fat, maintain muscle, and increase testosterone production.

Besides that, bedtime is important for the regulation of many bodily systems, including the hormonal system. (4)

In general, it is recommended that you have 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, depending on how active you were throughout the day.

#4 Stress management

One of the WORST things about the modern-day lifestyle is that it puts you through A LOT of stress.

When you’re stressed out (regardless of the factor), the body releases cortisol, which is the main stress hormone.

Unfortunately, elevated cortisol levels have been proven to lower naturally-secreted testosterone. (5)

This is why managing stress is of prime importance for your natural testosterone production.

If you feel the slightest bit of maintained stress, resort to practices like meditation, mindfulness, reading a book, going for a walk, or simply self-talking yourself to an internally regulated, calm state.

Having a few go-to stress relief practices will help make sure your body is in a stressed state as little as possible which will help you produce more testosterone.

#5 Lifestyle

It is a fact that nowadays, many people use their bodies as vessels for sensory pleasure…

This leads to many toxic, testosterone-lowering habits, such as drinking and smoking.

If you want your body to really be at peak performance levels, there is no magical pill or supplement that will get you there.

A lifestyle change is imminent and so, it should favor a lot of movement, quality food, and good recovery periods, as we talked about in points #1, #2, #3, & #4.

You don’t have to change everything overnight though, the best way to approach a lifestyle change is by choosing 1-3 of the simplest things from this list and start doing them more frequently.

Maybe that looks like strength training 3 times a week, adding more vegetables to your diet, and sleeping at regular times more often.


Testosterone is a key hormone for any male and it is a fact that its deficits can lead to unpleasant side effects no man would ever wish even to their worst enemy.

Whether you are young or old, there are lifestyle changes you can implement, to favor natural testosterone production.

Those are namely remaining active, feeding your body well, allowing for sufficient recovery & sleep, and last but not least, managing daily stress.

In doing all of this, you will more than likely be able to ramp up testosterone production and enjoy the benefits of normal test levels, regardless of age. If you’ve tried everything and are still struggling with shaking off the low-T symptoms, schedule a free strategy call with one of our coaches to help guide you to balanced hormonal health.


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