HOW TO NEVER LOSE MOTIVATION | The Dial Method Explained

Do you think if you had more motivation more often you’d be fitter, healthier, and happier with your body?

Of course, the answer is “HELL YEAH!”¬†

Here’s the thing though, the secret to infinite motivation depends entirely on your perspective on your goals.¬†

In this video we break down a perspective for limitless motivation – The Dial System. Check it out below or read the transcript beneath it!

Today we’re going to be breaking down¬†the tried and true strategy to never¬†have you fall off your diet again!¬†

So¬†many people are always trying to lose¬†weight. Constantly trying, constantly¬†struggling but never actually losing the¬†weight. They spend months, if not years,¬†spinning their wheels trying to move¬†forward,¬†putting in the effort but not actually¬†going anywhere. If you’re¬†watching this video now, it’s probably¬†you and you’re trying to find answers.¬†

In¬†my experience coaching hundreds of¬†people I have found that the average person¬†will usually blame two things for why¬†they’re not losing weight:

1) They never have enough motivation 

2) They just can’t stick¬†to their plan¬†

These things are kind of related but are part of a bigger problem in how you view the entire process. 

So¬†we’re going to be breaking down how to¬†change that perspective so that you can¬†consistently take action and never have¬†to fall off your plan again.

How To View Motivation

Starting¬†off how most people view motivation (wanting to work out, wanting to do well¬†in their diet) is they think you¬†need to have motivation first and¬†then you take action and then continue¬†to do that. Without motivation you can’t¬†go far but in reality, motivation is a¬†fleeting thing. It’s not even something¬†that you have at first, it’s something¬†that you create.

You’re actually supposed to take action¬†first in order to create more motivation,¬†and that motivation leads you to take¬†more action, and then that action creates¬†more motivation, and it’s a positive¬†feedback loop. If you just wait for¬†motivation to come to you you’ll be¬†waiting forever.¬†

Which is what happens¬†with a lot of people they end up waiting¬†months and years to be motivated as if¬†it’s going to strike them like lightning¬†and help them move forward but it¬†doesn’t happen like that. You need to be¬†the one creating your own motivation and that starts with taking action. Understanding this is gonna be really¬†important for how you stay on track.

Taking action precedes motivation not the other way around! 

The other problem is that they can’t stay consistent¬†enough or stick with the plan and what¬†this leads to is an on-again off-again¬†cycle with their diet and training plan.

Some days they’ll be “on” – they’re hitting¬†their calories they’re tracking their¬†food, they’re eating well, they’re doing¬†their workouts, and they’re getting their¬†steps in.

Some days they’re¬†completely “off” where they’re not eating¬†well, they go out to eat, they have a lazy¬†day on the couch,¬†they don’t work out, and they¬†don’t get enough sleep.¬†

It’s always¬†one or the other they’re always stuck on¬†the two extremes and this is usually¬†due to motivation. When¬†they feel really motivated they go¬†through and do everything. When they¬†don’t have enough motivation or don’t¬†have any motivation they don’t do¬†anything at all.

This creates a¬†negative feedback loop where you’re¬†constantly putting yourself in a¬†position where you’re not taking action. Where you’re always unhappy with where¬†you’re at, where you’re always taking one¬†step forward and three steps back. Which¬†can be avoided by making a simple¬†perspective shift in how you use¬†motivation to your advantage.

The Dial System

¬†As opposed¬†to looking at it as a switch where¬†you’re either ‘on’ your plan or ‘off’ your¬†plan and you either have motivation to¬†do stuff or you don’t have motivation to¬†do stuff, it’s better to view this¬†journey as a dial. Where how much¬†motivation you have doesn’t dictate¬†whether or not you do something but how¬†much of that something you do.¬†

In the¬†old model, we said you’re either ‘on’ or ‘off’ – you’re either doing everything or¬†you’re doing nothing. The dial model¬†takes whatever motivation you have and¬†adjust the intensity of what you’re¬†doing.¬†

So if we’re talking about training¬†a perfect high motivation day where¬†you are well rested and feeling really¬†good and feeling really strong you do¬†your regular training program, put as¬†much weight as you can, get a¬†good pump feel really worked and then¬†get your steps in and go home afterwards.

That’s when you’re feeling really¬†motivated. Now if you’re not feeling as¬†motivated, you don’t feel like you can put¬†yourself through a hard training program,¬†that’s fine, but that’s not a sign to do¬†nothing! It just means to turn down the¬†intensity of what you’re doing. So¬†instead of a hard training program maybe,¬†you do 20 minutes of light zone 2 cardio.

You get a little bit of sweat going it,¬†doesn’t take as long to go through it,¬†doesn’t put your body in as much duress,¬†and it takes a lot less willpower to¬†accomplish. You put yourself in a¬†position where you’re still doing¬†something as opposed to not doing¬†anything at all. As opposed to skipping¬†your workout you’re just switching it¬†out for an easier form of working out.

Maybe that’s too much for you one¬†day, you’re feeling really beat up,¬†you had a hard day of work, and you¬†can’t go to the gym after work. Maybe¬†instead you just do some light yoga, some¬†stretching, or some mobility to¬†get all your joints loose. Toning down¬†the intensity once again to something¬†easier and more manageable for what¬†you’re feeling that day.

Maybe you¬†don’t even have the motivation to do that¬†some days (and that’s normal it happens)¬†it happens to me too but that doesn’t¬†mean you don’t do anything! It means you¬†just find something to match that¬†motivation and match that intensity so¬†you turn the dial down to the lowest¬†intensity which is going to be just¬†going on a simple walk, taking the stairs¬†instead of the elevator, parking farther¬†away from grocery stores your job or¬†whatever place you’re visiting so you¬†get more steps in. Or if you’re at the¬†grocery store or you go shopping you¬†walk around with a cart full of stuff a¬†little longer instead of going directly¬†to the cash register.¬†

It’s a very small¬†thing that doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s¬†still something and that’s always going¬†to be better than nothing.¬†

So that was¬†the training dial¬†but you could take this to any part¬†of your life. You could do this with¬†nutrition as well and your diet some¬†days the intensity is out of 10 and¬†you’re hitting everything absolutely perfectly. You’re getting in all your¬†water, you’re sticking to your calorie¬†goal, you’re hitting your macros on point,¬†you’re getting¬†enough fiber, and you feel really good. That’s great to do at a 10¬†motivation day but if you have a little¬†less motivation maybe you want a little¬†more flexibility with what you’re eating.

Maybe you’re not as into¬†the food that you’re doing right now so you¬†focus on just calories and protein¬†instead of all the macros. Maybe another day it’s really¬†hard for you to get in protein. You’re¬†going out for the entire day, you’re¬†traveling, you can’t figure out what to¬†do to get a protein source, that’s fine.

Just stay within your calorie goal. Then the lowest intensity motivation,¬†depending on the situation, would be one¬†where you can’t track you’re really¬†focused on the event that you’re going¬†to and trying to enjoy yourself as much¬†as possible without being too tedious¬†with what you’re doing in that situation¬†you just eat until you’re content. You try not to overeat and that is the¬†simplest thing that you could do at any given day.

The dial system is the¬†true magic and how you can stay on track¬†with your goals no matter how motivated¬†you’re feeling or not feeling. It’s not¬†about being on or off with your training¬†and nutrition like a switch. It’s about¬†adjusting intensity so you’re always¬†doing something. You’re always on plan to¬†a degree matching whatever happens that¬†day.¬†

There’s always a subtle expectation¬†that people have that you have to either¬†do everything or do nothing at all but¬†that always keeps you staying stuck.¬†Doing a lot of stuff one day and then¬†not a lot of stuff the rest of the days. You’re never really moving forward.

This is why people struggle for months¬†and years to lose weight and end up not¬†losing any weight at all. Instead of¬†trying to continue to feed that mindset¬†and continuing to put yourself in a¬†position where you’re not making¬†progress do a little bit less some days¬†be okay with less because moving forward¬†is still moving forward no matter how¬†small the steps are.¬†

Tying this back¬†to motivation that we talked about at¬†the beginning taking these small actions¬†accomplishing them following through on¬†these little promises that you make with¬†yourself the promises of¬†is going to¬†lead to creating more motivation for you,¬†a lot more self-satisfaction,¬†self-confidence, and self-efficacy is¬†going to be produced. That’s going to¬†snowball down into you taking more¬†action, bigger actions, as time goes on¬†but you gotta be okay with doing the¬†little actions right now to get to that¬†point.¬†

Stoopid Simple Summary 

When¬†it comes to motivation when it comes to¬†staying on track with your plan it’s not¬†about being on or off again nor¬†about waiting for motivation to strike. It’s about creating your own motivation¬†by doing whatever actions feel right for¬†you that day matching the intensity of¬†the action with the intensity of your¬†motivation. If you’re feeling super¬†motivated do a little more that day, if¬†you’re feeling less motivated dial it¬†back a little bit and do a little bit¬†less.

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